Andrea Matzeg

Founder Of Academy Of Life

Hi, I’m Andrea.

I am obsessed with health and leveling the playing field. In 2004, when I embarked on a journey and centered my studies around the vision of empowering adults in acute health crises, little did I know after fifteen years in healthcare, and three decades of personal practice I’d hone my skills in education, empowerment, and discernment.

Fast forward, becoming a mom changed the landscape of health for me. I became obsessed with the health of the developing child, and the vision of health for my family ought to be easy, intentional, and enjoyable. 

So, how do you hold this commitment and find a childcare provider who is your partner in crime? Well, while navigating the landscape of childcare, in southern and Northern Ontario (muskokas) the gaps became clear, there is a missing, a holistic approach to the health of children: their nutrition, sleep, and learning. My vision changed, wellness and education ought to be approachable, sustainable, and (yes) fun.  

What is an unwavering commitment to my family is now my mission to serve our community and the planet. Families and children, your health matters and why not build great wellness habits young. Join us at The Academy of Life to nourish your (spirit, vesel, bodies), grow your (bodies, cells), and thrive in (any circumstance). When I’m not working expanding the school, you’ll find me savoring the essence of life with my life long husband, Daniel and our two kids.