How To Eat Hemp Seeds

January 29, 2022
Stephanie Fazio


Last time you went to the grocery store, you may have noticed hemp seeds and chia seeds, and thought they were a bit strange!

We hope this post will give you confidence to try them because hemp seeds and chia seeds are fantastic for our health.

How To Eat Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are full of omega-3 fats which is imperative for brain and heart health especially for our little ones.

They are also a great source of protein containing 10 grams of protein with just three tablespoons. They’re an excellent source of iron, thiamine, magnesium, zinc and manganese.

Children especially need these healthy fats and nutrients so adding hemp seeds to their meals is a great option for a nutritional boost.

How To Eat Hemp Seeds
How To Eat Hemp Seeds

How to Eat Hemp Seeds

First make sure to buy hulled hemp seeds. Manitoba Harvest is a great brand to look for in Ontario.

How to eat hemp seeds:

  • Add them to granola and cereal
  • On top of high-fat plain yogurt
  • In smoothies
  • In pancake batter or on top of pancakes after they’re cooked
  • In pesto (you can replace pine nuts with hemp seeds or do a combination)
  • Sprinkled on a banana or cracker with nut or seed butter
  • Mixed into energy bites
  • Mixed into muffins
  • Sprinkled on cut up fruit

One thing to note is that hemp seeds have a bit of a strong flavour so start small when adding them to your little one’s meals.


Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are another powerhouse seed to add to your weekly meals. They are a good source of omega-3 fats however, unlike hemp seeds, chia seeds are full of fibre with 7 grams of fibre in just two tablespoons. Just like adults, our little ones need loads of fibre to maintain good gut health.

These beautiful seeds are also an excellent source of magnesium, phosphorus and manganese and have a moderate amount of iron and calcium.

It’s important to note that chia seeds should not be sprinkled onto any foods, but should be soaked before eating. This is because they are considered a mucilaginous food which in simple terms it means they get slimy!

Don’t let that stop you from eating them. The mucilaginous properties are important in helping to maintain a healthy digestive tract.

How to eat chia seeds:

  • As chia pudding (simply soak chia seeds with yogurt or milk and it will get thick like a pudding. Add cocoa powder or a bit of a vanilla extract for flavour)
  • In smoothies (Chia will thicken your smoothies so just add a tablespoon or two)
  • In yogurt or overnight oatmeal
  • In pancakes
  • In energy bites or homemade granola bars
  • Use Chia and berries to make a delicious homemade jam
  • Add chia to water and lemon juice for a fresh energy drink


There you have it! Next time you see chia and hemp seeds at the grocery store, we hope you’ll pick some up to try at home. Keep them in a cool dry place or in the fridge for extra freshness, bon appetite!

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