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If you could impact one thing about education what would it be?

The Academy

We at the Academy of Life dedicate our time to sustainable nutrition, sleep, and child-centered learning. Focusing on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth and development provides your child with the necessary opportunity to embrace the sacredness and intentionality in all areas we explore.

Our commitment is to ensure your child is ready for a life of leadership and service to their community outside of our school. From farm-picked meals to nature walks, interactive music, and art to literacy in all fundamental areas, each day at the Academy of Life is filled with activities that are both enriching, rewarding, and fun. 

Our Core Areas of Focus


Attention to clean health and nutrition can start with your child from the moment they are born, building a foundation of healthy habits. Here at the Academy, we enhance the habit, we see food and nutrition as a playground of culinary experiences of flavour, texture, and meal creation.  Each ingredient is intentionally chosen to boost immune system function, cell growth and development, and support the regulation of behaviour and moods. Most of all, the culinary experience is made fun and tasty.


Quality sleep is our commitment. The sleep space is sacred and coveted just as the children’s concentration in the classroom is sacred and uninterrupted. Here we use the technology of sleep practices specific to the child’s development age. Once children in the classroom transition away from a sleep break, a rest break remains.  With a solid foundation of nutrition and sleep, the stage is set for the opportunity to learn and develop with ease.

Child-Centred Learning

Montessori is a child-centred method of education developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. Using scientific methods of observation, Dr. Montessori forged a theory that children learn best when given autonomy and independence. The aim of this education model is to help students achieve their potential and become confident, respectful, responsible, self-directed learners with an understanding that learning is for life.


The child’s first guide is the parent and caregiver. Here at The Academy of Life, we pursue a partnership with parents and caregivers to foster a cohesive transition between home and school. How do we do that, through support in conscious practices, materials, workshops, and much more.

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